Organic: #softnotsoft

This project challenges the following course outcomes:

  • Apply Art Elements and Principles to the design of three-dimensional forms.
  • Create three-dimensional works that incorporate texture, color, light and negative
  • space as a vital part of the form.
  • Demonstrate ability to transpose from two-dimensional design concept to three dimensional form.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of additive, subtractive, and constructive methods
  • used to create three-dimensional works

Assignment guidelines:

  • Focusing on numerous materials, create a 3D form, or series of forms, that focuses on organic shapes.
  • Consider experimenting with contrasts : soft vs not soft, flat vs not flat, color vs. lack of color, etc.

Wild About Wire + Textiles

Possible Forms:

  • Vessel
  • Mobile – see Alexander Calder
  • Abstract hanging form
  • Textile / Weaving
  • Site specific / installation

Possible Materials:

  • Soft: Yarn, String, Twine, Fabric, Paper, Clay
  • Not soft: Wire of any kind – floral, picture frame wire, chicken wire, bendable forms to create armatures.

Artists to research:

My recent work

Alexander Calder

Eva Hesse

Judy Pfaff

Ruth Asawa

Sarah Sze

Sally Blake

Janet Echelman – check out her TED Talk here : “Taking Imagination Seriously”

Specifically on Instagram:

Toshiko MacAdam and here

Erik Speer

Courtney Mattison @courtneycoral

Petah Coyne

Soyna Gomes

Kelly Sheppard Murray @kellysheppardmurray_art

Amy Gross – local Palm Beach artist

The Society for Four Arts has a beautiful exhibit up right now – “A Beautiful Mess: Weavers and Knotters:

Some of the artists in this exhibit are:

Windy Chien

Kira Dominguez Hultgren

Jacqueline Surdell

Student examples:

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