April 1 – hello

Hello favorite Animation students!

Here’s the deal – Please upload your Creative logo in .mp4 or .gif ) to the Google Drive link I sent you in your email by Monday, April  6 at 11:30 a.m.

Your job is to make two comments on each student project via Google Drive – below is a screen shot – Click on each project to open the file, on the upper right the box with a “+” in it… make a comment on each students project please.

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 9.25.55 AM.

  • One positive.
  • One giving feedback on something that you think could be improved on the project.
  • Obviously, this doesn’t function as a full critique, but at least we will be able to all see what you designed and get a little feedback.



Creative Animation

The goal for this next project is to have fun in a different way than our commercial project. The commercial project was about selling, branding, etc. This project is about being playful and creative.

Find your favorite painting, drawing, photograph from your OWN portfolio and add brushes, effects, motion, etc. You must have a cohesive (approx) 200 – frame animation.

Project due: April 6

Video/tutorials to watch/read to prepare for this project: 

Shape Tweening

Brushes within Animate

Adding audio

Learning objectives:

  1. Using the drawing tools (paintbrush, pencil, shape tools), 3D rotation
  2.  Onion skinning + filters
  3. Filters and masking


Examples online:

Van Gogh, animated

Gorgeous Japanese woodblock prints

Greek sculpture

“The world is spinning” (3D tool possibilities)


Please watch the above videos.