FIRST CLASS: JAN. 27: Welcome back! Happy new semester.



Above animations from Florian de Looji

Hey students.. Let’s spring into action with animation this semester! 

I’m thrilled to be teaching this course as we work our way through the history of animation, learning how to generate frame-by-frame motion and paths, adding sound to our animations, using grids to design the stage, using the 5 basic questions to guide our design process and applying animation effects to objects.

In this course, we are focusing on using Animate for our animations. We will use Photoshop + Illustrator and import as symbols. We will cover both the conceptual + technical skills and requirements of animations.

Please click here for our syllabus and always refer to this blog for our assignments, video tutorial requirements and due dates.

Things to go over today:

  1. Syllabus
  2. Schedule (see below)
  3. Introductions + special interests
  4. Adobe Tutorials
  5. Homework: 12 Laws of Animation

This is our tentative schedule – but again, absolute deadlines + assignments are always going to be posted here. So check back regularly as I build this site.

WEEK ONE: Syllabus, intro, introductions, online tutorials, blog, HOMEWORK.

WEEK 2: HISTORY, STORYBOARDING, THEORY. Two intro projects: Thaumascope and flip book Homework: online tutorials

WEEK 3: Wireframe, mockup, begin + tutorial videos (Animate)

in class lecture: commercial project

in class lesson + technical demo: intro to Animate + creating effects

WEEK 4, 5, 6: COMMERCIAL PROJECT: logo + web ads + banner

Using Photoshop/Illustrator + Animate.

WEEK 7, 8, 9: ARTISTIC PROJECT: Animate your favorite painting: Make an object come to life, jump, simple things by using the drawing tools + onion skinning in Animate.

WEEK 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15: CHARACTER PROJECT: Character Animation with Action Scripting. Creating and Editing Bones

Walk cycles


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

List of Flash/Animate animated television series

Fun videos to watch: 

Frame by frame on gallery wall

11 Paper Place (created on Blender, the open-source 3D animation suite)

Google Doodles


HOMEWORK: See next blog post + bring a good pen and a small post it pad.

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