Tuesday, Sep 10: History of Animation



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Gertie the Dinosaur – (1914) First “cartoon” to be made using keyframe animations. Over 10,000 drawings on paper were made to create this 13 minute film.

Edward Muybridge

Simple thaumatrope – a simple optical illusion working with the principles of Persistence of Vision (is the commonly used term to describe the optical illusion whereby multiple discrete images blend into a single image in the human mind and believed to be the explanation for motion perception in cinema and animated films.)

Flip Books: 

Juan Fontanive

Flip books with secret compartments

Flip book

Contemporary Examples of Artists using Historical Animation Techniques:


Matt Collishaw: this is unbelievable. We exhibited a work by this artist at the gallery I also work at and I was blown away by the amount of detail, technical skill and historical references. Amazing.


Lecture: History of Animation + short videos

In class mini assignment: Create a basic flip-book

Discussion: 12 Basic Principles of Animation + animation vocabulary + Illusion of Life

Homework: Watch these videos:

  1. What is Animate?
  2. Learning the Timeline
  3. Importing from Photoshop or Illustrator

Next week I will do some intro to Animate technical demonstrations as well as we will discuss the parameters of our first project: the Commercial Project. Start thinking about the components of your Commercial Project (logo, web ad, banner)… we will build them in Photoshop/Illustrator.

We are doing great so far!


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