Friday, Nov. 22

Hello MultiMedia moguls!

Today is our last lab day to fine tune your semester long branding campaign. Let’s make our morning count!

I stumbled upon this playful branding campaign on AIGA this week. Thought I would pass it along. Take note of the “Project Brief” / “Strategy” / “Design Solution” copy. Remember that its not just about creating cool graphics, but how you present them is important as well. Be sure to include your research and short writings about your company. 

Final Exam Pitch: Friday, Dec. 6

Friday, Nov. 8

Hello students,

Today is a lab day to work on/start/continue your Flash animation. Remember, it can be an animated version of your logo, or an animated web ad banner. I’m also open to any ideas specifically related to your campaign.

We have today, plus two more class periods to wrap everything up. Remember that your final branding pitch will be held on Dec. 6 – the week after Thanksgiving. Ideally, you won’t have to spend your holiday doing alot of work, so make use of these next few weeks!

Last step: Design a Prezi showcasing your developed brand and every component you have made. This Prezi presentation should have a few “intro” slides talking about your mission statement, target audience and demographics and list of products. You should then highlight all of your designed products – (is there anything you can add?). Your branding presentation should be approximately 15 – 20 minutes long. I’d like you to compare yourselves with at least one other “rival” company – really pitching your company to its fullest. How are you different? What makes your product stand out? Revisit this post for a refresher on requirements as well as links to some inspiration.

I will talk about Prezi in class today and show some examples. It is not hard to use and really does have some innovative presentation options. You can insert a SWF into Prezi just like any other image. If you have problems, you can always export your flash animation to a .mov; upload it to YouTube and then insert a YouTube link very easily to Prezi as well.

Stay focused, you folks are doing a great job!