Flash Animation

Hello students,

Welcome back! Today we will start our animation portion of our mulitmedia explorations!

I have created a few handouts on creating basic animations. Please look at them

1. Creating Animations in Flash,


3. Motion Guides  (Myrna and Kim, thought you might be interested in this)

4.Frames FAQ

I’ll be doing some demonstrations in class. .. and then we will talk about your plan of action for your Animated Logo or Animated Web Ad Banner. (Your choice)

Here are some great links to start our discussion

Elro Portfolio

Banner Design

Basic Ad Banners

Basic Ad Banners

Animated Logos

For your animation:

I want you to imagine that this banner ad/animated logo is part of your product’s exisiting advertising.  Things to pay attention to:

  1. Color scheme – this should be unified with your overall branding campaign.
  2. Typefaces already used by your company.
  3. The style of copy used.  What voice is the writing in?
  4. Who is your audience who uses the product/your services?

Web Banner Ad Specs: 728 x 90. Frame rate: 24 fps.

Pre-visualization Steps:

  1. Determine your overall concept for the advertisement.  What aspects of your product do you want to communicate?  What will your copy (or text) say? What are some adjectives you could use to describe your product?
  2. Start a storyboard mockup.
  3. Import previously made graphics from Photoshop or Illustrator
  4. Begin altering keyframes and creating tweens!
  5. Create a 10-second animation
  6. Save two versions of your file: .fla and .swf

We will have a couple of weeks to work on this animation. Make it great! Get acquainted with Flash!

p.s. The above YouTube clip is a flip book of one of the earliest pioneers in stop-motion photography, animation and motion pictures: Eadweard Muybridge. Also take a look at an early animation device, the phenakistoscope! GIFS of Phenakistoscopes and another  (Historic multimedia?)

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