Friday, October 10



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Today is another work day – get caught up!

You should be finishing your website design today and starting your Interactive PDF.

See last week’s posts for some tips, links and video to watch.

Requirements of Interactive PDF:

1. 2-pages (the front page can be your logo only or logo + mission statement, etc)

2. Email links

3.Hyperlink to your webpage

4. Interactive buttons from one page to another (or to submit a form)

5. A form

We are going to brainstorm as a group what the best end result would be for your individual branding campaigns for your companies. For instance: Kimberly and Jorge might want a menu or delivery ordering form; Jesse might want a “Fill out your shipping label” form; Patrick might want a form to submit artist materials; Myra – a membership form?; and Christina a form to submit your own jewelry designs?

These are just ideas…

Other options: Linking to your social media page – remember, anything can be made into a button!

Be sure that your Interactive PDF is still functioning within your branding campaign. Be sure to create unity through typography, color scheme and your loog. Don’t forget to keep your mission statement and demographics/audience in mind at all times!

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