Friday, Oct. 4

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1. LAB day for Dreamweaver Website Design.

2. Group Brainstorming session on your options for your Interactive PDF.

3. One on one help with your specific Dreamweaver questions.

Links for Myrna (Search bar code help): Adobe

How to make your site “search-friendly” Layers Magazine

Consider adding a Google Custom Search to your website

“Insert New Fluid Grid Layout” – beginning of Responsive Web Design

Discussion: Responsive Web Design: shifting layout around depending on what Columns get smaller, but retain the same proportions. Read this article in A List Apart

1. Fluid grids – grid based design, consistent column and gutter width.

2. Media queries – style sheets

See The Boston Globe for a great example at a website that changes layout for different screen formats.

Tutorial for Responsive Web Design and using Fluid Grid Layouts

and another

Coming up next: Starting to develop your Interactive PDF for download.

This should act as a 2-paged PDF with buttons, forms and interactive contact information for a prospective client. Your PDF should give the viewers more than just a typical reading experience, with interactive buttons, form fields to fill out and more. They are easy to read, distribute and access on multiple devices.

You should watch the following video: InDesign Insider Training: Interactive PDFs before you begin.

Keep working, you guys are doing a great job so far!

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