Friday, Sept. 27: Begin Website Design

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Hello students,

Today marks our jump from print media to the web. Your brand should be able to cross market in a variety of multimedia platforms.

Things to think about: 

1. How does your logo work on a website vs. your business card or letterhead?

2. Are you maintaining consistency? (Reminder: Four keys to Designing Connections: 1. Color 2. Logo  3. Type  4. Shape) 

3. Is your website easy to navigate and user friendly?

See this article in Smashing Magazine for 10 Principles of Effective Website Design

Also this one for The Best Designs

Are you thinking in advance as to how to alter your website for IPad or IPhone viewing? Check this handy link for all pixel dimensions of standard screen sizes. 

See this reference guide to Web-Safe Colors. 

See this link for Google Web Fonts


1. Plan out your website mockup in Photoshop. Set folders for all pages and export all images for web. Remember: The more time you spend planning, the more cohesive and functional your website will be. Areas to think about : Header, Footer, Body (including copy) and images. What is on your Navigation Bar? (“About”; “Locations”; “Portfolio”; “Contact”, etc.) Consider using Photoshop to “slice” your images. For further info on slicing see these links: Slices and Adobe Slices

2. Open Dreamweaver and begin setting up your workspace. I’d recommend working in “Split” view so you can work visually with your imagery, but also start wrapping your head around code.]

3. I’ll demo basic website design in class.

Be sure to have already watched the video : “Creating Your First Website Design in Dreamweaver CS6”

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