Friday, Sep. 20

Hello students,

Another week has gone by and most of you are staying on track with our semester long multimedia branding campaign. Be sure to keep up the good work, its easy to fall behind!

Your goal for today should be to finalize your Ad Design and apply your already completed logo to a business card and postcard (front/back). Remember these designs should have continuity within them.. Don’t forget your favorite Principle of Design: Unity and Variety. How many slight alterations can you make, while still maintaining a sleek and professional design campaign?

Revisit a previous post A Branding Collection for great design examples of overall campaigns.

Next week: START WEBSITE. 

For preparation: Watch the following video “Creating Your First Website in Dreamweaver cS6” on to prep you for your basic website design assignment. This should be a beginning shell of a website that you could potentially add to later. This is a great online tutorial – learn the basics in 2 hours!

In class Dreamweaver tutorial next week.

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