Friday, Aug. 30: Research and Development

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Today is our brainstorming day.. the longer you plan and research, the more inspired and organized you will be!

Get out your sketchbook and devise a plan of action!

Things for today:

1. Your company

– Mission statement

– List of products/goods

– Target Audience / Demographics (500 words or less)

-Choose a magazine to advertise in and research their ad specs.

2. Logo concept development:  5 sketches for logos. 

See this article in Smashing Magazine for Successful Logo Development

And this one: 50 examples of the logo process

Take a look at the Apple Logo Evolution story.

Remember the K.I.S.S. method!

Try mind mapping for brainstorming.

3.  Research ad specs and devise a plan of attack for full marketing campaign. See examples of ad specs in the previous blog post.

For example: What kind of multimedia integration are you interested in? What do you see for social media marketing? Web-based platforms? Print marketing?

4. Start designing logo in Illustrator.

5. Since most of you expressed that you were at the basic level of InDesign competency, lets watch 30 minutes of InDesign CS6 Essential Training to get us prepped for the next few weeks. Watch Ch. 1: Learn InDesign in 30 minutes in class. Homework: Watch another hour of this same video before next week.

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