A Branding Collection


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For our semester long project, we will be creating a branding collection for a company of your choice. Your company can be fictional or real, but it must have products or services to sell. Think about a cafe, spa, restaurant, shop or even a self-branding campaign.

1. Create a company

2. Mission Statement (500 words or less)

3. List of products/goods

4. Target Audience / Demographics (500 words or less)

Design Checklist:

1. Color logo (vector graphics). Consider using Kuler for color palette inspiration. (Illustrator)

2. Business Card (front and back) (Illustrator/InDesign)

3. Mailer/Postcard (front and back) to promote new business (Illustrator/InDesign)

4. Magazine Ad – What magazine would be appropriate to choose? Download/contact potential magazine for ad specs and budget

5. Building Signage: vinyl lettering, billboard, kiosk, product packaging (choose one that is appropriate to your particular collection)

6. Build a multimedia presentation in  Prezi

7. Build an interactive PDF for download. Think interactive brochure/pamphlet or form. (2 pages)

8. Build the front page of a website

9. Design a Flash animation for company web banner OR Flash animated logo

Additional questions to consider: 

How would your marketing multimedia branding strategy change for the mobile market? Would you design an app? A separate page for iPads? An interactive iBook? A short video piece? A viral YouTube video?

Inspirational links:

Restaurant identity design example


Multimedia Identity for Web for a Furniture Designer

Extensive example: Branding, Identity Design  and Typography

Amazing Multimedia design campaign: Savewater Alliance Short Stories

Experimental Branding Campaign: How Much Can You Leave Out?

For the minimalists who love color: PIGMENTPOL

Retro vibe: Retro Relic 


For ongoing examples of branding campaigns, identity systems and logos check HERE and HERE

Ad spec examples: 


Around Town Magazine

Ocean Drive Magazine

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