Friday, Aug. 30: Research and Development

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Today is our brainstorming day.. the longer you plan and research, the more inspired and organized you will be!

Get out your sketchbook and devise a plan of action!

Things for today:

1. Your company

– Mission statement

– List of products/goods

– Target Audience / Demographics (500 words or less)

-Choose a magazine to advertise in and research their ad specs.

2. Logo concept development:  5 sketches for logos. 

See this article in Smashing Magazine for Successful Logo Development

And this one: 50 examples of the logo process

Take a look at the Apple Logo Evolution story.

Remember the K.I.S.S. method!

Try mind mapping for brainstorming.

3.  Research ad specs and devise a plan of attack for full marketing campaign. See examples of ad specs in the previous blog post.

For example: What kind of multimedia integration are you interested in? What do you see for social media marketing? Web-based platforms? Print marketing?

4. Start designing logo in Illustrator.

5. Since most of you expressed that you were at the basic level of InDesign competency, lets watch 30 minutes of InDesign CS6 Essential Training to get us prepped for the next few weeks. Watch Ch. 1: Learn InDesign in 30 minutes in class. Homework: Watch another hour of this same video before next week.

A Branding Collection


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For our semester long project, we will be creating a branding collection for a company of your choice. Your company can be fictional or real, but it must have products or services to sell. Think about a cafe, spa, restaurant, shop or even a self-branding campaign.

1. Create a company

2. Mission Statement (500 words or less)

3. List of products/goods

4. Target Audience / Demographics (500 words or less)

Design Checklist:

1. Color logo (vector graphics). Consider using Kuler for color palette inspiration. (Illustrator)

2. Business Card (front and back) (Illustrator/InDesign)

3. Mailer/Postcard (front and back) to promote new business (Illustrator/InDesign)

4. Magazine Ad – What magazine would be appropriate to choose? Download/contact potential magazine for ad specs and budget

5. Building Signage: vinyl lettering, billboard, kiosk, product packaging (choose one that is appropriate to your particular collection)

6. Build a multimedia presentation in  Prezi

7. Build an interactive PDF for download. Think interactive brochure/pamphlet or form. (2 pages)

8. Build the front page of a website

9. Design a Flash animation for company web banner OR Flash animated logo

Additional questions to consider: 

How would your marketing multimedia branding strategy change for the mobile market? Would you design an app? A separate page for iPads? An interactive iBook? A short video piece? A viral YouTube video?

Inspirational links:

Restaurant identity design example


Multimedia Identity for Web for a Furniture Designer

Extensive example: Branding, Identity Design  and Typography

Amazing Multimedia design campaign: Savewater Alliance Short Stories

Experimental Branding Campaign: How Much Can You Leave Out?

For the minimalists who love color: PIGMENTPOL

Retro vibe: Retro Relic 


For ongoing examples of branding campaigns, identity systems and logos check HERE and HERE

Ad spec examples: 


Around Town Magazine

Ocean Drive Magazine

Friday, Aug. 23

Hello FALL 2013 semester!

Today we will have introductions as well as go over the syllabus, tentative schedule and our projects. Integration of multiple forms of media. Interactivity.

Skills required for this class: Creativity. Passion. Communication Skills. Critical Thinking. Ability to multitask and integrate various computer programs.

We will talk about “What is Multimedia Design?

The art of mixing media. Telling stories through different modes of communication. Learning from words and pictures.


Check out this link showing Best of 2009 Multimedia Design in news

A local WPB Multimedia Design Firm: The Rising Creative

Another local Ad + Interactive Agency: Battle Media Lab


Sign up for!

Start thinking about your company branding strategy. Come to class with 3 ideas.. and bring your sketchbook to start logo concept sketches!

Watch this Best of Show Oreo 100 Years Branding Campaign and surf through the American Advertising Federation 2013 National ADDY Award Winners

What do YOU think?

Tentative schedule (subject to change) :

Friday, Aug. 23: Intro + What is MM? Think about company

Friday, Aug. 30: Branding development and research + mission, etc. Research ad specs. Produce 5 sketches for logo and concept sketches for branding campaign.

Friday, Sep. 6 :  Lab Day: Logo development

Friday, Sep. 13:  Lab Day: business card

Friday, Sep.  20:  Lab Day: ad, signage, accessories, etc. Continue Branding Campaign.

Friday, Sep. 27:  Start Website front page

Friday, Oct. 4:   Website front page

Friday, Oct. 11:  Website front page + Interactive PDF

Friday, Oct. 18:  Interactive PDF for download

Friday, Oct. 25:  Flash animation web ad banner or animated logo

Friday,  Nov. 1 : Flash animation

Friday, Nov. 8:   Flash animation

Friday,  Nov. 15:  Lab day, refinement and putting it all together. Start Prezi presentation

Friday, Nov. 22:  Prezzi presentation

Friday, Nov. 29: OFF.

Friday, Dec. 6:  FINAL EXAM Interactive and Multimedia Prezi Presentation on your developed brand

Friday, Dec. 13: TBA